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Sixteen years ago, a child was born with
the name:

Duván Alexis Suárez Barreto, that's me...

I was born in hospital "San Rafael",
in "El Espinal", on september 27, 1997.

My dad is Marco Antonio Suarez,
my mom is Magdalena Barreto ...

Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza

My brother is Marco, and he is higger
because he is 23 years old

And during all my life, I has
lived here... with my family.


My favorite food is the beans
or "fríjoles"... it is delicious.

My favorite sport is the cycling,
I play this for improving my health.

My best friend is from San Isidoro
high school,and your

name is Juan Felipe Moreno

I want study for be a Doctor.

I want study in The university of Tolima

I have afraid to so many things,
specially the wild animals as the serpents...

My pet is a dog, your race
is "Labrador"and his name

is "Canelo". He is with me
since 2010.

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Here,in the beach from Santa Marta,
I was in my vacations


It is the main page of my facebook

I want live in London

This is my girlfriend, Laura


This is my room

This is my best photograpic... "ŃERO"


My best friends...

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